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Jack Chantilly didn't believe the allegations his fourteen-year-old daughter, Tessa, brought against Carl, his father. After all, she lied before about the very subject. But when Carl's $200,000 bond is revoked, Jack must face the truth. Now, with all doubt silenced, no plea deal offered by the State's attorney will suffice as punishment sufficient for the sins of his father.

Although plea deals allow the overloaded justice system to breathe, they give early release to predators who often repeat their dirty work. Jack is appalled by the practice and begins a psychological manipulation to coerce Carl into rejecting the plea deal; much to his own detriment.


$15.00 (plus $3.00 for packaging and postage)

Echo Middleton's brother, Tom is killed in the service to his country and Daniel Sycamore is murdered at a service station. Twenty-seven years later, Echo pursues writing a book on the causes and effects of Daniel's demise. Yet, the endeavor serves to revitalize dormant acrimony over Tom's death, until a hidden secret, an eternal verity, is revealed.

The death of loved ones can leave survivors of all ages struggling for answers that may never come. Verity tenders the prospect of reducing the sting of death in an easy-to-grasp human-interest novel that fills the reader with hope in a heavenly reunion.

The Imbecile (Expected 2021)

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